FMF: When a Moment Turns into a Story to Tell

I could tell he was having a lot of fun. His little feet ran around, chasing the water squirting up from the ground. I watched from the side under the shade of the tree. My little nephew pulled my mom by the hand to the next mini fountain at the park earlier today.

I looked at my dad and said, “Can we go? Let’s take off my shoes and braces.”

Most of the time I’m more than okay with watching. I’ve always loved observing from the sidelines, even in childhood as brothers or friends did activities I couldn’t do.

But this morning I saw an opportunity for an adventure. I felt the urge to get out and join the fun. The chance was there – my dad was right beside me.

We thought for a minute and then we got ready. The nephew returned and I told him, “I’m going to come too.”

He only looked at me for a second before he patted the arm rest and said, “Come! Come, Laura. Come.”

I could tell from his face that he thought I would drive my wheelchair into the water area, but I could also see his excitement of “everybody” getting wet.

I didn’t have a bathing suit on or a change of clothes. That didn’t matter. My toes were free, my legs were cooler without the confinement of the braces and long socks. It was good to jump out and do something different on a hot summer day.

We splashed and stepped where the water rose.

I thought about how I didn’t really want to put my braces or shoes back on, but I would have to stand up on my own soon enough.

The freedom of my bare feet on the ground reminded me of another simple dream I have — to feel blades of grass between my toes. I’ve stood on pavement, sand, and put my foot in the wet cement on our driveway. I don’t remember a specific day where I stood in the grass. Maybe I did somewhere sometime.

I want to do it (again?) and enjoy the moment a little longer than normal. Because that is how everyday kind of adventures turn into memories. And that is how simple moments of joy turn into stories we tell.

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  • Marisa Slusarcyk

    Hey Laura we are neighbours this week on FMF!! I love your story, it’s so sincere and beautiful. I wrote about my struggles with depression (While depressed so its sort of mean) this week and i am happy and sad to see that another person is writing about how their life is different. I never read your “about me” to know if you have disclosed any of your medical information and really that doesn’t matter, i am just happy you are willing to share the true emotions of someone who was or is not as physically able to do something that someone else may take for granted. We all have our own problems and we all have our own special qualities that make us shine. Thank you for showing me the physical side of things ((((hugs)))) to you friend! I pray the opportunity soon arises for you to feel your feet in the grass!!

    • Laura Robb

      Glad we are neighbors, Marisa! Thanks so much for reading and sharing your sweet comment. 🙂 I have put more info on the About and Project:Memoir pages (if you want to read another day). But yes, we all have struggles and strengths! I will hop over and read your FMF post. Hope today has been brighter for you! Keep enjoying the weekend!

  • kathunsworth

    Laura this is a stunning piece of writing and it lifted me up. I enjoyed your beautiful descriptions of your day with your family and hope you have many more. The simple things in life will set you free and this is a reminder to all, to never miss an opportunity to experience joy in its purest form.

    • Laura Robb

      Yes, Kath. Free and full of thankfulness. 🙂 Any day with the nephew reminds me of JOY. Thank you again!

  • Diana Rockwell

    Laura, thanks for the story. We do have a story to tell. I loved your last line about simple joys. And thanks for reading my blog. I thought of another song, I love to tell the story of Jesus and his love. Blessings sweet one.

    • Laura Robb

      Thank you, Diana. 🙂 Glad to have you stop by. Hope your week is full of joy moments!

  • What a lovely story! And your parents seem like pretty awesome people, not letting the practicalities get in the way of a little bit of fun. 🙂

    This is a breath of fresh air to me. Late last year, I started wearing leg braces for a degenerative disease. I’ve really been struggle with this lately, coming to terms with a (currently slight) disability. Your words are a HUGE encouragement, so thank you!!

    • Laura Robb

      Thank you, Jen! And thanks for the encouraging words, too! You’re right, my parents are great. We’ve had plenty of adventures over the years..with more to come. 😉 I’m sure it is a struggle. I’ve also learned it is OK and good to wrestle through things. Ask the hard questions. You may not always know the answers, but you will find strength and joy for the day. Feel free to email me if you ever need to chat! 🙂

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  • I love this story, Laura! It is a beautiful snapshot of a moment becoming a memory marker for future sharing and retelling. And it’s also a glimpse into a heart’s yearning for greater liberty as it seeks to make the most of what confines and constrains.Thank you for living so joyously free in your mind and sharing this precious time of freedom in your body. God bless you as you continue to bless, encourage and inspire others. 🙂 x

    • Laura Robb

      Thanks so much for reading, Joy! Love hearing your thoughts too. 🙂 A longing for freedom…yes, that exactly. I embrace the moments that come along any day. Hope you continue to find the strength to encourage others with your words as well!

  • Loved As If

    How very lovely: a dance in your heart and seizing the opportunities to live out your steps. I’ll be praying for you to feel grass beneath your bare feet. Drusilla Barron (

    • Laura Robb

      Thank you, Drusilla! I seize them when I can. 🙂 Hope you are enjoying some everyday adventures too!

      • Loved As If

        My life is certainly an adventure.