[Memoir Mondays] Stuck at Home, part two continued

[Memoir Mondays] Stuck at Home, part one

February 20, 1993             When I woke up, I felt happy. I could go home today! I packed my things so I would be ready. (Well, my Mom and Dad helped me pack my stuff.)             In the afternoon, a nurse helped me into a wheelchair. They pushed me downstairs to...
Five Minute Friday: belong

Five Minute Friday: belong

I am excited to be a part of the Five Minute Friday link-up again! wait hope search for a place that space to feel accepted understood loved home time needed necessary to be open cultivate grow meet learn welcome embrace time find...
Five Minute Friday: belong

Five Minute Friday: imagine what could be

It’s time for Five Minute Friday and I wrote a poem: imagine what could be imagine what is not wait for what to see live the story of me graphic designer? no way! it’s my job most every day be a writer? no, not me… God had plans, ideas of who...

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