For it is with the equipment that I have been given that I am to glorify God. It is this job, not that one, that He gave me.Elisabeth Elliot

Hey there, friends! I’m Laura Robb. My hope is to give you a glimpse of the path I’ve traveled and share stories of who I am today. There is much to be told. And in the telling, I hope you find new courage to live beyond your limits.

The beginning of my story.

I was your typical child in one sense…I cried, I refused to nap, I fought with my brothers, I didn’t like every food put on my plate. (I still don’t like meatloaf!) And I did things most kids who grew up in the ’80s did, such as rock the side ponytail, wear a scrunchy on my shirt, and I even wore stirrup pants for a brief time. Yes, they were cool.

Yet I was “different” in a very concrete way. I was born with a physical disability. Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, to be exact. This means a lack of muscle mass. So I looked like a pretzel. Fingers touched wrists, toes touched ankles; arms and legs crossed over my body. My muscles were too tight for my limbs to be unfolded for a little while. I started physical therapy when I was only 3 weeks old. Someone pulled on me 5 times a day for my first 2 years of life. Thankfully I don’t remember these details because I cried a lot. I’ve also heard my brothers did a great job with distracting me during those hours. (Thanks, guys!)

Living with a disability comes with many challenges, but I have never let this hold me back. If I want to do something, I do it. Every day is an adventure. From early on, I learned the beauty of embracing my life and finding ways to accomplish any dream.

I didn’t grow up thinking I would be a writer. I refused to accept this as my own dream for the longest time. I told myself I wasn’t a writer. I didn’t know anything about writing. Until I lived through hard seasons and realized that I need writing. And I do have a story that needs to be shared.

Writing is simply what I must do. This is my calling, and I am learning as I go. There will be challenges along the way and I may want to give up some days. I have already struggled with resistance, fear, and thinking I don’t have the ability. The more I struggle, the more I want to persevere. So I write for a lot of reasons, and I write for you, friends.

May our hearts and eyes be opened to new things in the stories we are living…beyond our limits!

  • i write for those who know me and those i have yet to meet
  • i write to encourage, to enlighten, and i write to welcome you into my world
  • i write for those living with physical disabilities
  • i write to inspire, to give hope, and i write to show you can follow a dream
  • i write for myself that i may find freedom in who i am today and who i will become tomorrow
  • i write for God, my Father and the true Author of my story. i write to follow His calling

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